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Meg's art brought a memory to life in the form of a beautiful, unique, and sentimental art piece. If you are interested in a meaningful/custom gift for yourself or anyone else, I would highly, highly recommend Letters Aligned. Thank you, Meg, for investing such an amazing part of yourself for others! 

Marianna M.

Meg's work anchors the website of my small business, and I've given it as a wedding gift. Meg is not only fun and easy to work with– she is actively interested in understanding a commissions' practical purpose and emotional context. I am absolutely amazed at how well those considerations show through in the work she did for me!

James F.

I commissioned a drawing of my college home and it was such a beautiful tribute. Upon seeing it, a friend of mine commissioned her own piece of her childhood home to give to her parents as a gift, as she was so moved by the piece I got! I am so happy I was able to have such a personal piece of art in my home.

Genna M. 

Meg designed a cover up tattoo for me that I get compliments on every time it is visible, which is in strong contrast to reactions I got to the stick and poke tea pot this one is covering so well. From custom party invitations to holiday gifts for my roommates,  Meg’s work is always the right answer when I am in need of a unique piece of art that will make all my friends and family say “woah, that’s so dope.”

Molly S.

Meg’s version of my childhood home will be hung up in my parents new house always reminding us of the 17+ years of memories and growth we all shared there! Getting to give my family a hand drawn version of our childhood home was the most special holiday gift.

Shaina W

There is no gift more personal, more perfect, more memorable than one of Meg’s hand-drawn works. Each commission is a truly original work of art, and it’s a great feeling knowing you have a one-of-a-kind creation.  

Jules B.