Here is a small sample of my poetry! You can find much, much more on my instagram @lettersaligned or by purchasing a copy of my love poetry zine (available in my shop!)

Belly Button 


Our first loss was a bridge. 

If by some blessing we make it 

through, it is our first wound

– a scar we all share

to show where we’ve been,

in common. Things 

adrift. Things ruthless 

to recreate a path. 


The Refrigerator 


We all understand the refrigerator 

as our first podium — judged by parents, 

magnets like medals. But forever 

I think that’s all we want —

to make something good enough.



Ready or not, here she comes, 

the new month – the longer nights. 


Elul arrives on the fumes of summer

like the last flicker of a cigar.


Then the exhale and then 

the big moment of looking 


as if in a rearview mirror

at yourself in the backseat.