Sketch and Sip: Lettering 101 

with Jenny Lemons

Thursday, Sept 3rd

5pm PST

$30 - join & provide your own materials.

$45 - join & have materials  shipped to you!


Sketch and Sip is a virtual place (group Zoom call) you can come to to draw in community, learn new skills, and enjoy a special beverage! Every Sketch and Sip, I taste and talk about a new wine while you sip whatever is extravagant to you at home. Then, we sketch together, step by step, a new project each time. 

Materials you need: 

  • Something special to sip! I will be tasting wine and commenting on it but you do not need to have alcohol to experience this evening fully. Treat yourself to something that feels good to sip.

  • A hard surface to draw on: a table, clipboard, large book, or the floor all work

  • 1 black pen

  • 1 pencil

  • 2 pieces of paper (8.5x11copy paper works just fine!) 

  • A date? Invite a friend you haven’t seen in awhile to enjoy this experience with you

  • An open heart!

Past Sketch and Sips