Here is a small sample of my poetry! You can find much, much more on my instagram @lettersaligned or by purchasing a copy of my love poetry zine (available in my shop!)



If you dig deep enough you’ll find

that everything is molten. 

Then again, our surface crawls

with bugs — shed skin.

There is nothing more honest than change

when we get down to it. 

You don’t even have to be brave

when you know this, above all else. 




I just wrote a poem 

about your footsteps upstairs

and I’ve almost forgotten 

each word I placed, carefully.

What I remember 

I won’t share — it’s far 

too delicate. The fragments 

now find respite in memory 

— in quiet.


Reflections From a Teacher


The baby pine trees from last year

have suddenly surpassed me 

and become a young forest.


Though I planted them 

they don’t remember my hands

carefully tucking them in with song


or all the mistakes I made, too. 

And I regret to say some of them 

are blocking the sun from their sisters


— is that my flawed foresight ?

Some of them can’t see

all that it means to be young.



The Birdcage


A birdcage, empty and decorative,

swings over our porch and more

than once I’ve had to remind 

children who notice it 

that there were never birds to begin with.

It was designed with an open door

– it was designed, already free. 

It was designed more sculpture

than functional – the beauty found in 

nothing kept locked up. 


Drawing Poppies


California Poppies are always brighter 

than I remember — every single 

time I greet them on my neighborhood walk

I barely recognize them. I do remember 

being told how they belong

to everybody — leave them be

as a common unburied treasure.

I tried to draw them the other day

and balked at using the most flamboyant 

orange as if ashamed. As if someone

would laugh and I’d have to say, 

no really, that is what they look like!

But they just grow that way, 

even out of the dull ground,

unconcerned, and who am I 

to deny them this?