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Isn't It Amazing? 


This an illustrated song about awe. It is completely hand-drawn and was written, recorded and self-published (with the help of Solstice Press & Spareroom Studios) in the Bay Area by Maya Elise and me!

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Outside the Lines: A Coloring Books for Rebels


Here is a preview of my debut coloring book, 

You can download the full thing HERE or order a physical copy at the store. 


If you create in it and post to instagram please #drawlikearebel so we can benefit from your unique perspective!

And They Say Romance is Dead:

A Limited Edition 9 Postcard Series


This 9-pack of 4"x6" postcards is part sassy, part classy, completely hand drawn and locally printed by Solstice Press in Oakland, CA.

Whether you are in a long distance love or shacked up with a sweetie or best friend, these postcards are sure to spark a little something fun! 

1) Send to loved-ones far away
2) Send to someone you are living with by sneakily putting these little notes in the mailbox when no one is watching
3) Get these for your lover to drop a BIG HINT that you would like to be wooed a little harder

Lost Homes 

The wildfires here in California are beyond devastating. While I  wish I could rebuild every person's home myself, what I can do is help folks preserve their memories. I  draw homes that have been lost in California wildfires for free. I  am currently pausing requests after completing my first 76 portraits and will update you all when I  am resuming. 

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